The military lifestyle has unique challenges, and the best people to speak to these challenges are fellow military members.  As a result, we've established the WarriorOne Ambassadorship Program. We train and inspire our military community to become Ambassadors of mindful living and service and to support the accessibility of services for others.  WarriorOne Ambassadors have a unique and effective ability to relate to and communicate with their fellow military members.  

The WarriorOne Ambassadorship program provides scholarships to qualified military men and women who feel a special connection to the WarriorOne mission.  Scholarship recipients receive an education and training that allows them to become a WarriorOne Ambassador.  We aim to find a training program that will accommodate the personal needs and unpredictable schedules of military members.  Different models for training can be a an in-house residential program, a module format or an immersion format.  WarriorOne creates partnerships with training programs that strive for excellence and meet all current Yoga Alliance requirements.  

Upon completion of their training program or workshop, our Ambassadors commit to serving the WarriorOne community through instruction and/or coaching at WarriorOne Satellites. Our Ambassadors provide a healthy model for their community in the way they live and serve.  WarriorOne provides the mentoring, materials, communication and support necessary for our Ambassadors to successfully colonize WarriorOne Satellites at all bases- domestic, foreign, and remote.  Each Ambassador will be connected with an experienced WarriorOne Mentor or Mentorship Team who will assist the ambassador in colonizing WarriorOne at their assigned duty station and maintaining a standard of excellence.


Are you interested in becoming an Ambassador to bring yoga, mindfulness, and life coaching to your community on base? We train and inspire our military community to become providers of mindful living, service, and support to the service of others. Contact us to learn more.