WarriorOne offers programing in the modalities of Yoga and Mindfulness. We recognize that each base is unique and has its own challenges, demands, and mission.  It is crucial that WarriorOne Satellites provide excellent training and classes that are considerate of our military’s demanding schedules and duties at work and at home.  

WarriorOne instructors strive to meet the community in convenient locations on base, within the squadron, or other locations as specifically indicated from one WarriorOne Satellite to the next.   In this way, WarriorOne promotes optimal and efficient work-life balance and meets the physical, mental, spiritual, and social demands of the military community.  

Each WarriorOne Satellite will have a customized menu of yoga classes available to that particular community.  Classes can range from Vinyasa Flow to Restorative Yoga to Sunrise Yoga.  Occasionally, more focused workshops will be offered at different Satellites to meet the needs of the community.  We strive to expose the entirety of each base to yoga, regardless of experience, age, body type or athletic ability, through special programs, participation in base-wide events and direct marketing.

The practice of yoga allows our warriors to connect to both strength and stillness.  It offers them a military community without uniforms or rank and with full inclusiveness and acceptance.  Through yoga, warriors exercise control and attention on the breath, the body, and the postures. The result is increased physical strength, increased calm responsiveness, and a sense of community. Yoga is not about perfection; it’s about learning patience and self-care.